Untitled Series (Lollipop, Pee, 3 Girls)


01:24, 0:52, 1:59


While investigating girl culture I became interested the abject naivety and awareness associated with discovering ones' sexuality. The characters in Lollipop and Pee are born from the depths of suberbia and flaunt their nihilistic privilege. 



Appropriating visual vocabulary used in the film Heathers, 3 Girls investigates the physical and emotional toll of girl culture. Specifically, the tendency for girls to harm themselves as a coping mechanism, and furthermore, the overwhelming instances of girls ripping out their hair. The pastoral aesthetic is used in contrast to the shock value of seeing and imaging pain.


The Hunt









Continuing my investigation of girl culture I found that often the positive aspects were trivialized in comparison to the "mean girl" discourse. In Meme, I choose instead, to look and reveal the intimate nature of girl relationships.

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