"Nothing lasts forever"

collection traded in Grand Rapids, MI for the Tiger ensemble. 

Lowry Parcade Coin from last month (Sept 2018) on our first date. We made out in the car like high schoolers. -traded in Tampa, FL

The Mini / microcinema

I'm from Ohio and still have this in my bag from last month. -traded in Grand Rapids, MI

GJelina's has great beets. Stuffed on pizza we realized it was over.

-traded in LA

Barter Boat Trading Post


Interactive Performance and Installation

By Robin Schwartzman, Anna Abhau Elliott, and Desireé Moore


Barter Boat Trading Post, captained by a crew of traveling sailswomen, travels the U.S. encouraging tiny moments of interaction. We float from city to city in our intrepid boat (okay, it’s a facade that looks like a boat) trading trinkets, postcards and stories with the citizenry. Throughout our travels, we have curated our collections from these cities into hand-held assemblages. Those who trade with us are given one of these precious packets, an eco-friendly bag carefully curated with the small possessions from a passersby in a far-off city. In turn, whatever we collect in the next city  will become art, and traded at our next stop.

"Loose Memories"

collection traded in Phoenix, AZ for an A cappella love song. 

"Gray or Grey"

collection traded in TBD

My daughter's friends informed me that I was old for having this. Here 'ya go. 

-traded in Indianapolis,IN

I don't like it. Not my smell.

-traded in Baltimore,MD

They were my grandmother's earrings, but I can't wear them anymore. She was getting the Titanic treatment, "draw me like one of your french girls" and she died... wearing these. I can't wear them without thinking about that. 

-traded in Baltimore,MD

RADAR Collective - Hadley Fruits Photography
Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 7.22.49 PM
RADAR Collective 3 - Hadley Fruits Photography
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