Single Channel Video with Sound



Tragedies demystifies the evolving female while exposing cultural taboo and contradictory use of exploitive images. With a borrowed aesthetic from handheld, observation based documentation and Structuralist film techniques, Tragedies explores viewer’s expectations and tolerance through linear time.

           Tragedies establishes a visual duality between crime drama (acceptable) and representation of menses in film and media (unacceptable) as the film progresses. This lack of context beckons the voyeuristic gaze but upon reflection the audience must digest their assumptions, reactions, and associations.

           Female menses is underrepresented in media as a powerful, natural, and proud process. Instead, menses is imaged or written as shameful, demonic, or gross encouraging social revulsion and feminine shame. Tragedies engages the audience by questioning our own internal response to such imagary.

Tragedies was developed and shot while an Artist in Residence at Kimmel Harding Nelson in Nebraska City, Nebraska.

Exhibition Record
Ringling Museum of Art
WhiteSpace Gallery
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